Kiama Blowholes

Kiama Blowholes

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If you're going to visit Kiama, one attraction you can't miss out on is the Kiama Blowhole. It's the town's biggest drawcard, and justifiably so, with the bursts of water shooting from the rock shelf an inspiring sight.

You will find the blowhole not far from the centre of town, on Blowhole Point Road. The area is very well set up (it is a major tourist attraction after all) and has its own car park and a few different platforms where you can watch the blowhole put on its show.

Nothing yet...

Here it comes

A path also takes you out to the end of the point, where you can get a glimpse of the water going into the cavern underneath the hole.

Where the waves enter the cave underneath

On the day I visited, the blowhole was performing pretty well. However, I've seen images of much bigger bursts of water - apparently they can get up to 60 metres high! Whether or not it's as good when you visit, you'll need to be patient, as you never know when a good burst will come.

As well as the Kiama Blowhole, which is also known as the Big Blowhole, this section of the coast is home to the lesser-known Little Blowhole. It's located a little to the south (but still in Kiama), in Little Blowhole Reserve off Tingira Crescent.

As you would expect from its name, Little Blowhole is much smaller than its neighbour and the setting is also far less dramatic. However, you can watch the waves come in here, so you know just when the water is going to shoot into the air (and you can get your camera ready).

Little Blowhole is also the more reliable of the two blowholes, so it's a good back-up if the Kiama Blowhole is having an off day. It's the best one for avoiding crowds too.

Little Blowhole

Since wind and rougher seas make ideal conditions for seeing the blowholes, these attractions are a great way to spend those days when other popular places in the area, like Jamberoo Action Park , don't seem appealing.

You can even walk between the two sites. However, it's not a matter of just following the coast, so you'll have to get directions and a map from Kiama's Visitor Information Centre; the building is conveniently located near the Kiama Blowhole on Blowhole Point Road.

If you want a shorter stroll, you can also take a walk from the Kiama Blowhole along Black Beach, which is just like it sounds - black. On the third Sunday of each month, it even hosts the Kiama Seaside Markets, while the Kiama Produce Markets take place here on the fourth Saturday of each month.

The view south from the Kiama Blowhole

The view from the other end of Back Beach

Where: Kiama (Kiama Blowhole is off Blowhole Point Road, Little Blowhole is off Tingira Crescent)
When: The blowholes can be visited any day
Cost: Free


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