Hobarts Accommodation and Hostel

Hobarts Accommodation and Hostel

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Once upon a time Hobart's Accommodation & Hostel was a bar. In fact, it had the distinction of being one of the oldest bars in Hobart. Now the bar, after a number of years, has turned into a hostel, and a stellar place to stay at that.

What you can get

Located at the corner of Barrack and Goulburn Street, in west Hobart, this period building, still carries its old style architecture and plays to a different crowd.

Tasmania is host to a wealth of National Parks with hundreds of places to hike so people throng here from all over the world and arrive in Hobart continuously. And when they do they look for an affordable option to stay before they head off into the other regions of the state.

The hostel is warm and spacious. You can still see where the old bar used to stand as it now carries the honour of being the front desk. Make your way to the reception desk where you are greeted by Tony Guerra.

Tony your host

Tony, the owner for 5 years, is slowly turning the place around, He is upgrading, mending, sanding, painting, and bringing it all up to snuff. He shows you around and takes you to your abode while you are here.

Now you can pick from a variety of accommodations including a private double room with your own toilet, a single or double room with shared toilets, and of course dorm style rooms as well. The rooms are bright, clean, and some have windows to open where you can see Mt. Wellington in the distance or the other backpacking people walking by.

A single room, large and bright

There is a wonderfully large, well-stocked, functioning, clean kitchen where you have the means to cook just about anything you can find to buy. Complete with microwave, gas stovetops, pots, pans, dishes, coffee and tea mugs, cutlery, and cutting boards. There are 2 enormous fridges to store your groceries and an amazing organic market right next store with a huge option of foods for your dining pleasure. Tony even has a coffee machine that you can purchase a Long Black or a Mocha for a reasonable price, if you so choose.

The well stocked kitchen

If you need, there are computers for accessing information. The lounge area has multiple tables for eating, sitting and playing cards. The TV is surrounded by large over stuffed lounges to recline in.

The lounge

You are only a short walk to the Salamanca Markets, Battery Park, or the CBD if you need to do any shopping. The harbour is a large area full of restaurants, charters, or just walking and sightseeing.

Give Tony a call at 61 3 6234 6122, email him at [email protected] or check him out online at www.hobarthostel.com the next time you are in Hobart.

Where: 41 Barrack Street, Hobart, Tasmania
When: Anytime
Web: www.hobarthostel.com
Phone: 03 6234 6122


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