Fraser Island

Fraser Island

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sits off the Queensland coast and south of the Great Barrier Reef, and it is a holiday many Australians dream about. A World Heritage Site since 1992, the island is made entirely of sand, is home to a strain of pure dingoes, and has plenty of iconic sites.

The majority of the roads on the island are soft sand so transport is one of the first things to think about if you're planning a visit. If you're experienced at this kind of terrain, you can make your own way around, but there are plenty of 1, 2 or even 3 day tours in everything from big buses to your own car (when a guide leads a group of cars around).

One of the main attractions is the Sandy Highway along 75 Mile Beach, which is and actual highway, with speed signs and road rules.

There's also the Maheno shipwreck, Eli Creek (the largest freshwater creek on the island), the Pinnacles sand formations, Central Station (an old logging camp surrounded by the only rainforest you'll ever find growing on sand) and a series of freshwater lakes (these attractions are ones you will see on any tour and not exhaustive)

You can either walk in or beside Eli Creek

The Pinnacles

The freshwater Wanggoolba Creek at Central Station

The most popular lake, Lake Mackenzie, which has been created purely by rainfall

Dingoes are a well-known inhabitant of the island, and pose a threat if you're ever alone, but interestingly there are few kangaroos. It's thought their absence might have something to do with the lack of grassland (at least the type with nutritional value, which doesn't grow in the sandy landscape).

Accomodation options include resorts, rental properties and campgrounds

To get to you need to catch a ferry. These run multiple times a day from Hervey Bay and Rainbow Beach (a sign that there are always lots of people over at the island - over 350000 people visit a year).

Hervey Bay is one of Australia's best whale-watching locations and has lots of accommodation to choose from, while Rainbow Beach is a smaller, coastal village. However, it is just north of Hervey Bay, a picturesque town popular with both budget and luxury travelers where you can also find some tours departing to the island.

Where: Off the South coast of Queensland, immediately west of Hervey Bay
When: Any time of year
Cost: Suits all budgets


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